Monday, May 07, 2007

Breaking The Silence

I feel like I should post to break radio silence (even though it hasn't been that long). Today's news: I cast off Kitty Pi. I've given it to H for felting (so she can see how felting works before I knit slippers for her son that she will felt to fit his feet). Its rather, um, big... if it doesn't felt properly, I'll fix it with needles, thread, and scissors, if necessary. I have a photo but my camera cable is at home.

So I was temporarily down to 7 WIPs/UFOs, but then at lunch I started a summer hat for me. Back up to eight. ;) Again, a photo will have to wait until I have my camera cable.

I'd like to finish off Durrow next, I think. (Not counting the pair of socks I'm about to finish... there's always socks coming on and off the needles.) I'm half way through Durrow's sleeves, so it shouldn't be long now.

I'm not sure if I'll let myself start another sweater when I finish Durrow, or if I'll make myself wait until after I finish my tank top (forest purl). I should do a hyperbolic plane soon so I can give it to my colleague in Toronto. I should get some ack!rylic for that, though.


jess said...

woo! will you be able to take pictures of the kitty pi after H felts it? I can't wait to see Durrow! I love that sweater.

noricum said...

I'm sure H will share lots of kitty aproval photos. (After all, she wants a pair of slippers after this. ;) ) Just kidding... I don't need to bribe her to send me photos.