Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm All Alone

Hello? Anyone there? *sigh* Well, W and A said they'd meet me here around 1, but the exact time would depend on the busses. I was a few minutes late... around 1:09. It's now 1:45, and there's no sign of either of them.

I guess I'll just be working on my own until one or the other shows up. No big deal. It's just curious that neither of them came. Unless they came before I did, and didn't wait around at all? But that seems odd. Especially since W's office is across the hall, and he's not there either.

Update: Speak of the devils, all it took was this post. As soon as I hit "publish", they both showed up! A thinks W said 1:30. I can't remember.


Knittah said...

Magic. Works every time.

julie said...

Now you're famous! But you knew that already. :o) And I TOTALLY recognized you from the photo, too. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am your sockapalooza pal, and you have been a very busy person this week! I got you info and am mulling over the possibilities!

noricum said...

Oooo! I *am* famous! ;) (Um... dang... is it just me, or is that photo not terribly flattering? I think I gained fifty pounds or so. Perhaps I was trying to fit in with the pregnant ladies?

Hello sock pal!!! It's so exciting to hear from you. :) Let me know if you need me to answer any questions!

Mea said...

Hi! I found my way here from the Yarn Harlot. I love your blog. What are you dissertating (is that even a word?) about? How was Toronto as a city? I've always wanted to go. Caio!