Saturday, May 05, 2007

Problems With Pi

It turns out I'm incapable of reading, understanding, and modifying Wendy's Kitty Pi pattern.
Kitty Pi Calculations
At first I thought I was doing an equivalent number of increases (black), but I got something ridiculously ruffled. So I halved the number of increases. All was looking good... the bottom lay flat when I tested it. However, I got suspicious when I was running out of yarn, even though I should have had an entire ball left over...
Kitty Pi WIP
So I double-checked Wendy's pattern (pink).
Kitty Pi Calculations
I ended up with 280 stitches to her 144... whoops!

Um... felting is forgiving, right? I think it may work out...

And luckily I have some stash from Bron that will allow me to finish up:
Kitty Pi WIP
(Yes, I have more than just that one ball shown. The stash yarn was going to be slipper soles, but I may have enough for both purposes... otherwise, I'll just end up with different coloured soles than originally planned. I have enough feltable stash.)


jessie said...

Oh, I don't know about all those extra stitches being a problem. Maybe you have a really big cat?

noricum said...

It's the same diameter, so at worst the edges won't stand up. But I can always sew tucks in them afterwards, so I've decided to just forge ahead.

KelliAmanda said...

Eh - kitty will love it whether or not the side stand up! They love wool!