Thursday, May 10, 2007

E Hooks

E Hooks

I pulled out my stash of crochet hooks to select some different sizes to try crocheting the hyperbolic plane. These three hooks are all the same size, same manufacturer, same line. They have surprisingly different hook ends for mass-produced crochet hooks.

Other odd sights today (but I was too lazy to take out my camera because it was buried at the bottom of my bag):
1. A little "lawn man" sign half-obscured by a very vigorously blooming dandelion.
2. A road sign on campus that looked like it had been pelted by a mudball. The "splat" pattern was exactly the same as that of a snowball, but it was mud. I wonder if someone made and threw a mudball? Otherwise, how did it end up there?
I have a vague feeling there might have been a third thing, but I can't remember it now. Perhaps it was the dog on the loose, or the very vocal black cat. Oh... I remember now!
3. White Bernat disco yarn, colour name "Barry White". (Yes, I was in a Wallyworld yarn section today. More details in a separate post.)


Suzanne said...

I've often wished I had my camera so I could take pictures of clouds. That reminds me... I need to get my camera FIXED. (If possible.)

Funny sight of my own:
In Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago, I saw a sign for "Crab House" with a tree obscuring it in such a way that it appeared to read "Crap House". My dad had to snap a photo of it.

What can I say: My dad and I have a lame sense of humor and a vivid imagination. :P It makes the world more interesting... though perhaps obscuring the reality of it.

noricum said...

hee hee. :)