Friday, May 25, 2007

Contest Alert

Woo-hoo! I'm famous! Well, temporarily, until the Yarn Harlot link effect wears off. ;)

One of the people who wandered over here via the Yarn Harlot is having a contest! The prizes are a knitting book and some sock yarn! (Mmmm! Sock yarn!) My directing all the Yarn Harlot traffic over there will totally kill my chances, but what the hey. It's a birthday contest. So go over there and wish her a happy birthday!

Oh... and Ms Yarn Harlot? If you need a confidence boost before your talk tonight? Here's your effect on my site statistics from you linking to my blog:

How do I know this jump is all due to the Yarn Harlot link and not something random? Let's just say I have a pretty good idea:

The Yarn Harlot effect also seems to be stronger than the Alison effect. ;)

Update: I fixed that last link to be what I think I had meant it to be...


Anonymous said...

Use your (Yarn Harlot-enabled) power for good, noricum! (How about warding off the snow around here? That would be good for my newly-planted garden.)


noricum said...

I don't suppose you know how I can send some of the heat from here in exchange for some cool weather from there? I'm *boiling* here! (It must be because I finished that tuque... time to work on my summer hat some more!)

Scattered Gemini said...

Ah Ha! I got a little suspiscious myself when i noticed that most of today's hits were coming from over here. LOL! Thanks!

That "Harlot" effect sure is something, isn't it?

I did add a few pics from the inside of the book. Sock yarn photos will be added later. I swear! ;)

noricum said...


Those book photos look nice... but extremely boring to knit?

Anonymous said...

well yay for you and the harlot time and pic. i'm jealous. sue

Deneen said...

Yer famous-woot!