Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life in Res

This is the closet of a room where I'll be sleeping for four weeks:
My walk-in closet of a room
Somehow it seems a bit different from the Toronto accomodations. At least it doesn't smell of stale cigarette smoke.

My closet is located in this building:
I was going to point out which room was mine, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. It's one of the ones on the third floor from the top on the left hand side.

At least my closet has a nice view:
Sunny day
Hmmm... looks like UNB also has a problem with dandelions:
York has lots too. I'm thinking U of M must have some fanatical gardeners by comparison, since I haven't seen sights like this at home. It certainly has nothing to do with the climate, since I can attest that the dandelions do just *fine*, thankyouverymuch, when not weeded in my yard.

The shared fridge on my floor is scary:
Dorm Fridge Fright
Not only was it too full for my stuff, but it *smells* of spoiled milk. I decided to do something about the smell. This is what I found on a cursory sweep:
These were the worst offenders:
Worst Offenders
(Can I point out that photo was taken May 27?) Even the most recent was, um, chunky.

The smell hasn't gone away, but at least now there's room. I must say I'm rather tempted by this flyer I found:
Dorm Fridge Rentals
$15 for one month? *Soooo* tempted. But I think I'll be fine... the smell isn't too overpowering.

Sunday I went out and got a few essentials for dorm life:
Supplies necessary for a dorm room
A shower caddy and sharpies to mark my food... I feel just like a freshman! I also bought some hangers and a few other items.

Residence decorations:
What to Wear
What to wear: toques, long johns, and parkas? I'm hoping they simply haven't updated this one recently. In fact, they seem rather stuck on the "cold" theme:
Cold Feet
Perhaps the other options aren't that much better?
Ah! Here's one I can use:
Free Fun
"Five fabulous free things to do in Fredericton."

Did I mention the view is nice?
My closet has a view

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