Thursday, May 24, 2007

Found On Flickr

deconstructing Relic

Clever! That's a much cheaper way to get magnetic clasps than buying them new! (At least compared to where I bought them in New York.) Plus you get the leather and other stuff. :) I had thought of buying a thrift leather jacket for the leather, but a purse hadn't occured to me.


Julie said...

Cool, thanks!
It just occurred to me that if I had cut the magnetic snaps out of the bag in a nicer shape I could just sew them on to the bag right through the leather backing.

noricum said...

I must admit that's what I would do. Do you have enough left that you can just sew them on anyway, even though they're not as "pretty"?

Julie said...

This bag came with 3 sets of snaps (woohoo!) and I haven't cut the other two out yet.
Yesterday, I sewed the strap from the woven bag onto a felted bag. It looks so cool and the holes were already punched and ready for me. Will take a photo soon.

Celeste said...

neat idea!