Thursday, May 10, 2007


Have you signed up for Summer of Socks 2007 yet?

New (to me, but also pretty new) podcast: The Crafty Woman by Secret Squirrel seems quite enjoyable. :) I've listened to her first two episodes so far. There's some sound quality issues (crackle), but they aren't annoying, especially compared to all the bus noise I get on my commute. ;) There's a bit of a "new to podcasting" feel to the speaking, but the mixing of music is *very* professional sounding. (None of the volume level issues I notice with other podcasts.) I *love* the music selections, and episode 2 *really* had me longing for another visit to NYC... both for NYC itself, and the yarn shops I hadn't made it to yet, thinking I'd have plenty of time. (Secret Squirrel lives in Manhattan.) I predict a great future for this podcast. I'll definitely be listening to another episode or two on my way home tonight. (The episodes this morning were only a half hour long, but the later episodes are around the 40-50 minute mark... so I probably can't squeeze two episodes in.)


Alexis said...

Hi! :) I found you on Flickr. I'm also doing the Summer of Socks 2007, and I don't knit, I just crochet. I've been really impressed with the pictures of your crocheted socks--they look great! Do you always use the South Bay toe-up pattern? I think I might give it a go.


noricum said...

Yeppers, always that same pattern (with my own modifications). :) I look forward to crocheting along with you!