Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fredericton and Air Travel

I flew to Fredericton in one of those tiny planes that only has two seats on each side of the aisle. About half the flight was military boys. Seeing how young they were made me feel kind of old.

Fredericton has one of the smallest airports I've ever been in. It may in fact be the smallest, but I can't remember too much about the Grand Prairie, AB, airport. The Fredericton airport has no security screening that I know of. When I got off the plane (using stairs) then walked over to the terminal, I immediately entered the area where the baggage claim was... and just a few steps further was the door to the outside.

We had to wait for *the* (not *a*, *the*) ground crew because another flight landed at the same time.

However, despite Fredericton's tiny airport, there seems to be a large number of flights flying high up overhead. Whenever I look up I spot about five or six planes. Well, not when it's cloudy. I guess they must be mainly Europe-bound flights from the east coast US states? Nowhere near as many planes fly over Winnipeg.

Plane Contrails

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