Friday, June 08, 2007


No niddy-noddy? Improvise!
Improvised Niddy-Noddy

Now for some yarn porn:
The Money Shot
Another Money Shot
(I kind of enjoy the fact that sometimes people searching for porn end up at my site... it means I wasted their time!)

The yarn is behaving a bit like I overspun it when I plied it. I'll give it a bath (when I'm back in Winnipeg) and see if that fixes it. I did give it a bit extra twist, but it looked okay (based on fiber angle) while I was spinning. It's not too energized, so even if the bath doesn't fix it, it'll be fine to knit with.

39 wraps * 2m/wrap = 78 m.

Pretty, pretty yarn!

PS: I found it amusing that I put these photos in both the "stash" and "finished objects" sets I have on Flickr. ;)


Scattered Gemini said...

Hey, good idea with the impromptu kniddy-knoddy!

Very pretty yarns, nice job. ;)

jess said...

gorgeous! love how it turned out. :)