Friday, June 22, 2007

My First Manos

I, um, may have gone down to the yarn shop yesterday for some final-before-leaving purchases. As many as three skeins of Manos Del Uruguay may have followed me home, plus an oh-so-adorable sheep hat pattern that has 3D sheep for tassles! However, I deny all knowledge of the yarn and pattern, and even the tuque that may or may not be currently in progress. However, if I were to imagine such things, they'd look like this:

Manos Del Uruguay Manos Del Uruguay Manos Del Uruguay Manos Del Uruguay

Pattern Pattern

PS: Did you read the cute copyright notice at the bottom of the nonexistent pattern?


Anonymous said...

Hypothetically speaking, that sheep and lamb hat is too cute. And the yarn is yummy. Do you think that this is some sort of precedence: there needs to be a hat on needles somewhere or life is not complete? Hypothetically speaking, of course.


P.S. Are you sad or glad that your trip is coming to an end? Or both?

noricum said...

I don't really understand it... I seem to have hats out the wazoo these days.