Friday, June 15, 2007

Chick Flicks

I still can't watch them. Especiallly not when they're set in New York. One of the other girls staying at the res wanted to watch "Hitch" tonight. Before we were a half hour in I could tell I shouldn't be watching it, but knew it was already too late.


Hitch filmed in places that J and I walked. There was the walkway along the Hudson River. I recognized the little marina where they rented the seadoos. (Not that I think you can normally rent seadoos there.) There was the rice pudding restaurant with the funny window that J and I walked past in Soho. There was another area that looked familiar... I think it's Greenwich Village. Then there was a scene with a grey Mini. Now, J's is yellow (although both had the white mirrors and roof), and J's doesn't have the air intake on the hood... but still. Minis remind me of him. And the guys opened the car doors for the ladies, just like J did for me.

While I'm feeling all sappy and teary-eyed anyway, here's photos from my romantic walk through New York with J, the day before I left from my last trip to visit J there. It was a day or two after Thanksgiving, when all the Christmas decorations were either up or going up. (The tree-lighting didn't happen until the following Tuesday or Wednesday, if I remember correctly.) I mean to post these quite a while ago, but never felt I had a big enough chunk of time to devote to writing just how romantic it was, and describing everything we did. And then, well, we broke up, and it was too painful. Swatchy is in some of these photos, because I originally planned to post there as well. Well, I'm not going to write my big sappy posts now... I hope J's new girlfriend appreciates J. He's wonderful. On to New York...

This bakery in New York has the *best* hot chocolate I've ever had. It's like hot chocolate pudding with the most amazing homemade marshmallow... *nothing* like the nasty store-bought type.

If I remember correctly, this was a peek at the Empire State Building.

When you're in love, the New York Public Library is incredibly romantic. J shared his favourite things about the library with me. It was wonderful.

Leading up to Christmas time, the streets get considerably more crowded:

Did I mention that New York with J was my own personal chick flick? Too bad mine didn't have a happy ending. It was great while it lasted, though.



I love Christmas and Christmas decorations. I got to see the traditional decorations of New York with J. It was magical.

Thank you, J, for a magical time.

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Scattered Gemini said...

Great pictures. Some day you'll be really glad you have these memories.