Tuesday, June 19, 2007

King's Landing

I'm having so much fun here in New Brunswick, I'm now having to shrink my photos so as to not run over quota on Flickr before the month is through! (I'm too cheap to buy a pro account with unlimited uploads.) So these photos don't really have "biggy" versions. Let me know if you're interested in seeing bigger versions of any of them. Also, to cut down on space, I've put a more of the photos in a post at Swatchy's blog. Even then, I didn't upload even half my photos of Kings Landing! I had *such* a great time there! One day was not nearly enough.

Okay... here I go with the photos...

Toy horses!
Rocking Horse

That's a lot of wood:


This is a weasel:
It "pops" when you've wound the correct amount into a skein. (Remember the nursery rhyme "pop goes the weasel"?)

This lady let me spin!
Treadling is a *lot* harder than it looks. I managed when there wasn't any yarn causing tension, but I couldn't get the hang of it when there was yarn... I definitely want to try again!

Meet the local cooper:
He showed how barrel bands were made out of notched wood:
Neato! Here's a whisk broom made in a way I haven't seen before:

That's a lot of bull:
Ever notice how the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?

This shot with the china dogs by the fireplace reminded me of Patty's Place in Anne of the Island, which I had just finished listening to (it's on Librivox):

House Horses and Cart


This one is for Ann:
(Ann: there's two more shots of this piggy over at Swatchy's blog.)

Vignette Columbines


Neato! These are planes that do a whole bunch of different shapes of mouldings!

As a souvenir I bought two rug hooking books:
Books and Leaflets
I couldn't decide which to get, and time was running out. (In fact, they had to turn the credit card machine back on for me as it was!) These are neat because not only are they craft books, but they go into the history of rug hooking in Atlantic Canada. Cool!


Lucia said...

"Always remember that Gog looks to the right and Magog to the left." Am I an AOGG geek? Oh, my, yes.

Stash weasels are everywhere, in many forms.

Scattered Gemini said...

Those are some great photos!

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Zarzuela said...

Wow! Very cool photos of a very cool place. :)