Thursday, June 07, 2007

Random Shopping Note

I keep thinking I want to buy this sampler roving set (but not at this moment... today because I'm travelling, other times for other reasons), then forgetting who sells it. (Spunky Eclectic.) I know I've bookmarked it (at least once), but my bookmarks are a bit of a mess, so they don't really help either. Especially with so many yarn/fiber bookmarks to search through. So I'm making a note of it here so I don't forget. Of course, I'll probably forget that I've done so, but I'll feel somewhat better about remembering for now. ;) Perhaps I'll remember that I might have done so at one point, and the "shopping" tag will help me find it.

On a totally different note, D, J and I are seemingly making some progress on a question D posed. It doesn't help my dissertation move forward, but it's in a sort of related area, and kind of fun. Perhaps I'll get a paper out of it... papers are always good.

Well, the art gallery is free tonight (technically "pay as you wish", but I keep thinking of it as free), so I think Swatchy and I will go check that out.

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