Thursday, June 28, 2007


Woohoo! A new Lime and Violet for tomorrow's bus ride!!!! (Anyone know what's going on with the boob rock? They haven't given an update in quite a while. I don't read their message boards... it's one thing too many to keep up with.)

Ack! I've just read the show notes, and Miss Lime isn't in this podcast! *pout* I miss you Miss Lime!

I've unsubscribed to Ready Set Knit. I was finding it annoying how old podcasts kept getting re-downloaded as new... and, um, does anyone else think it sounds rather like an infomercial? Webs is a cool place, but I don't really feel like listening to a 15-30 minute ad for it every week. Sorry Cathy and Steve! I'm afraid you're just not my style. (But I'll keep shopping at Webs when I can. Don't worry about that!)

Now, the KnitPicks podcast... that's a nice podcast. Yes, it's by the KnitPicks people, but you mostly can't tell that. Plus I like their voices. (Thanks for getting listed on iTunes! I can't remember to download any podcasts that aren't listed on iTunes.)

There's a few that I'm trying to decide if I like or not, but I'm keeping them for now. Then there's a bunch more that I've subscribed to, but haven't managed to listen to a single episode of.

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Sara said...

Please fill me in. Just in the last week I've heard several references to lime and violet, but I have no clue who they are.