Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Handspun Singles

Handspun Singles

My formerly fluffy roving has had all the air wrung out of it, and is considerably more compact now. I'm letting it sit tonight (so that all of it behaves the same from having been wound on the spindle) and won't ply until at least tomorrow. (Or perhaps later... tomorrow the art gallery is free.)

I'm looking forward to seeing it plied! If I didn't think it would give me a more consistent result I would have plied it right away. Instead I went and had a late dinner in the common room and watched a fascinating documentary on JFK. Did you know he had Addison's disease (that gave him chronic fatigue, and made him so ill that he was given last rights four times), that it was treated with testosterone, that he had numerous affairs (seemingly all with women who were spies and/or communists), and that the Kennedy's have ties to the mob (and those connections helped get him elected)? This was a totally different side of JFK than the traditional "Camelot" version!

Anyway... plying soon. :)


Scattered Gemini said...

I did know that about JFK. I've watched many documentaries about him. I can't help it, i just get drawn in...especially when they all start airing in November around the anniversary of his death.

jess said...

the spinning looks good! :)

Knitted Gems said...

I'm excited to see how your plying comes out. The colors look like they will complement each other well.
Happy spinning!

noricum said...

Knitted gems: Actually, the sock yarn is just there for scale, since it was in some of the earlier photos.