Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cooked Celery To The Rescue

Slipper Repair Begun

These are getting really funny looking. Functional... but strange.

I went to the thrift shop, but all of the sweaters were either cotton or acrylic or some other non-felting fiber. The only things I could find made out of wool were men's suits. They weren't very thick, I didn't want to buy a whole suit (even for 33% off of $5-$7), I don't have scissors... etc.

So I'm weaving up some patches from the leftover yarn from the Spiral Stashhat. It's handy, and free. Hopefully it won't decide to shrink at a different rate than the existing soles (since they're already felted). I just wanted something done before the next wash cycle. I'll add some additional "overpatches" to the entire soles when I get home.

Speaking of which... H: can I borrow your pink "knitting machine"? I figure I'll machine knit some large patches, felt them, and then cut them to shape. It's easier than trying to calculate what size I need, especially given the unpredictableness of felting. ;)

Oh... and that reminds me: H reports that there was a kitty voluntarily using her Pi the other night!

I have no photographic evidence, since it was 4:00 am and anything I do causes cats to get up and investigate, but Vale was sleeping in the kitty pi last night on the couch.

At least for a while. The cats seem to change sleeping spots every now and then during the night, so I'm not sure where she was before I disturbed the cats at 3:00 am. But when I looked up again from my book at about 4:00 am, Vale was in the kitty pi on the couch.


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