Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spending My Tax Return

Whoops... Miss Violet mentioned that The Loopy Ewe had fresh stock. (If you're a new customer there, *pleasepleaseplease* click over from my blog... for every new customer that registers and places an order after coming from my blog I get a $5 credit.**)

Anyway, I spent the rest of my tax refund (which was free money, since it's all from "refundable credits" rather than money that came from me in the first place) on the following lovely yarns:
(I don't know how long the links will last... I think they get removed when the item sells out.) Update: Sheri says in her blog that she now has a feature where you can see previously sold items, so it looks like these links will work for a while. I even managed to track down the other two links.

Mmmmm! Sock yarn!

I say though... it was hard narrowing it down to just those four! ;)

**I'm not above bribery: How about this... for every 2 pairs of socks worth of credits I collect, I'll hold a contest here for a pair of crocheted socks made by me using yarn from the Loopy Ewe? IE you pat my back, I pat yours? ;) Comment here that you clicked through, and I'll enter you in a perpetual pot of Loopy Ewe contest contestants. For every nine people I should be able to hold a new contest. :) I think only new customers count.

Update: I think if you register now and then order later, if you e-mail and tell Sheri when you order that I was the one who recommended you, then I'll get the $5 credit. She'll very likely reply back to you (she did to me when I let her know that it was Miss Violet (through Bloglines) that sent me to her site) letting you know if she does apply the credit. Anyway... if you earn me a credit, let me know and I'll enter you in my perpetual contest! ;)


Anastacia said...

Good luck! If I could buy any yarn at all right now, I'd buy through you!

Scattered Gemini said...

I wasn't sure if i'd ever sign-up there so i clicked through and did. Since it let me sign-up, i guess i was new. So, there ya go! Hope you get some other's who will click through for you! ;)

noricum said...

I think it only counts if you buy something too... but thanks! I don't figure I'll get too many new people buying stuff there, but it never hurts to try. ;)

Sara said...

I clicked through and registered. I can't buy anything right now (teachers in AL only get paid once a month AND after offspring's tuition payment I have no moolah), but will you still get credit if I buy something later?

noricum said...

I don't know. I'm guessing probably not.