Monday, June 11, 2007

Crochet Socks

Crochet Socks

Thanks to several talks and a music concert, the second sock is now done! :) On to the next pair...

PS: Beware of crocheting socks at a music concert. A woman (who perhaps had a bit too much to drink) might try it on (ack), ask to sit on it to cushion her bony @$$ (no way!!!), and also offer to buy them when I've finished (no thanks... she won't want to pay enough to make it worthwhile, I like these, and this yarn is discontinued as far as I know).

PPS: If you are that lady, and are still interested in my socks, e-mail me before Thursday. I can meet you at the local yarn shop this Thursday evening and teach you how to crochet your own. Bring money for yarn and a crochet hook.

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