Thursday, June 14, 2007


I had a half glass of wine last night, and then during the night and today I have a headache. I haven't had a headache (that I recall) since that one after the previous time I have wine. Conclusion: (white) wine (or something in it) gives me headaches. I think this is a good reason not to drink wine that will be acceptable to others. (Not that I have major objections to drinking wine, I just happen to prefer water.)


jess said...

ugh, sorry about the headache!

white wine gives me headaches too -- but not red. reds trigger migraines (which I get), so I am surprised I don't have problems with reds, but do with whites. sorta strange.

and supposedly it's not the sulfites, but given that if I eat a lot of dried fruit with sulfur dioxide I also get a headache.. maybe it is the sulfites. Do you have trouble with dried fruit?

noricum said...

I don't recall getting headaches from dried fruit, but I do know dried apricots (which have sulfites) give me... um... "smelly problems", so I avoid eating them when I expect to be anywhere near other people within the next 24 hours. :P

Sulfites are apparently in both white and red wines (as preservatives), so it may not be the sulfites for you.

Another suggestion my friend had (besides sulfites) is that it could be the oak. A different friend suggested I may be unable to process alcohol, have a low tolerance, or it may simply be my allergies. ;)

dragon knitter said...

sometimes alcohol, just in and of itself, will trigger migraines. i knew a woman who couldn't drink, because of it. now, if it was cooked into something, like coq a vin, or a bourbon pecan pie, she was ok.

wine does'nt bother me, but i just don't imbibe.

noricum said...

When you cook with alcohol, nearly all of it evaporates. ;) (Unless you add it right at the end and eat it quickly...)