Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dang Bloglines!

It's been unsubscribing me again! I just noticed that I was no longer subscribed to Shelly's blog! *sigh*

Also, it's highly annoying that none of the LiveJournal feeds have been updating for quite a while now. *pout* (How am I supposed to keep up with my friends there?!?)

Update: It looks like it was Shelly changing her server that made me lose her feed... at least, I don't remember reading anything after she changed servers. So I guess that particular one isn't really Bloglines' fault. And the LiveJournal blog problems could be at LiveJournal's end... so I guess I should go easier on Bloglines.


Deneen said...

I had that problem with LJ feeds and then it updated about 7 at once-but they were two weeks old-however one of the LJ people mentioned they had trouble posting on LJ-so who knows.

noricum said...

I would be happy if it even did that. *sigh*

Janelle said...

Hey, your post made me go look, and Shelly's blog was gone from my bloglines, too! When did that happen? All of the posts on her front page were new to me, so it must have been a while. I wonder what others I lost and haven't noticed? Grr.

noricum said...

From what I recognize, it happened back in May sometime. :P