Saturday, June 30, 2007

Three Bags Full

I harvested some rhubarb tonight to freeze for winter.
Cut up, this produced three large bags worth. Of course, there's still plenty in the rhubarb patch:
Rhubarb Patch
I find it funny that in NC, people have to *buy* rhubarb in the grocery store. *Buy* rhubarb? Whatever for? If you don't have any in your garden, your neighbour will! I looked in my gardening book tonight, and it explained it. It prefers to grow in areas where at least the top several inches of dirt freeze each winter. NC doesn't get that cold.


Knittah said...

strawberry rhubarb pie is my favorite!

Bron said...

I LOVE rhubarb pie - it's my fav. I planted 3 rhubarb plants in the new garden. Can't wait until next year!

jess said...

I love rhubarb! I used to grow rhubarb with my (now deceased) paternal grandpa when I was 4-6. :)

What are your favorite things to do with rhubarb?

[I do buy it at the store lately since I haven't bothered to plant any the past couple of years due to limited yard space.]

noricum said...

Frankly, I haven't eaten rhubarb since I was a kid, when I'd eat it raw, dipped in sugar. :) I'm not a fan of cooked fruit. (Although, technically, rhubarb is a vegetable.)

Is that what southerners do? Plant it every year like an annual? How strange.