Friday, June 29, 2007

General Malaise

For over a week now I've been feeling tired (similar to when I was on Prozac, but different), and having a mildly upset stomach. Mom asked if I've been bitten by mosquitoes (yes, lots... and bug spray never seems to help much with me, so why spray myself with nasty chemicals?), and suggested I get tested for West Nile virus. Of course, I can't call my doctor's office to make an appointment now until Tuesday.

1) I expect it's nothing interesting.
2) I sure hope it goes away soon!

I especially hope it goes away soon because I'll be spending the next two weeks painting my dad's house, and it would be nice not to have other things making me tired and icky feeling. (H is on vacation, so it makes sense to do the painting now, while she's not in the office anyway.)

In other news: Nicky still loves me and wants his walks. (I haven't had time.) JJ&B will be leaving with mom and B for the lake tomorrow. (Without me.)

I think there was something else I was going to mention, but I'm *tired*, so I suppose I should go to sleep.

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