Thursday, June 14, 2007

Silly Quiz

According to my answers, my daemon is Nithreus, a crow. I rather like him. Apparently you can answer questions about me too, to see if it's really a match. Go ahead, if you wish. (You have 12 days.)

Interestingly, I've been thinking lately how I like crows, and that they're maligned a lot by other people.


KelliAmanda said...

You know that if I answer the questions for you, I get something different than a crow...a fox, perhaps? I guess I don't see you as solitary.

Have you read the "His Dark Materials" trilogy? I still need to read the Amber Spyglass, the last one.

noricum said...

I read the first one quite a while ago, but haven't read the whole series. I think I stopped in my "I have no money or time" period of grad school.

noricum said...

Hmmm... 14 people have answered the questions, and Nithreus is currently a wolf. I like wolves too. :) (Foxes are neat too, of course.) I think I may miss the raven, though, if he doesn't come back. Oh well.