Monday, June 04, 2007


Necklace (front)

I bought myself a pretty sea glass necklace at the market Saturday morning. I love sea glass, silver, and amethysts... and couldn't resist the combination! The price was quite reasonable at $10 too.

Even the back is pretty:
Necklace (back)

The black cord is a bit long... I need to shorten it somewhat. I'll do that when I have access to matches (and/or a candle) to prevent the end from fraying. (It's just nylon.)


Deneen said...

It is a pretty necklace-lately I've been into the linen cords and such (less chance of allergy now that it's warm out)

noricum said...

I don't think I've seen linen cords. Where do you get them? I'd been thinking I'd like to get a silk cord for this, but I also don't know where to get them. (Well, I think I could get them at Dharma Trading, but I wouldn't be able to manage a small order! Plus I think you have to buy a whole spool.)