Monday, June 04, 2007

Come Walk With Me In Fredericton

Saturday, June 2, 2007.


Do you know what kind of plant this is:
Growing up, we called it "honeysuckle"... but honeysuckle usually refers to something else. If you pull out the big petal, there's usually a drop of honey/nectar right at the base that you can lick off. The flowers smell just like honey too.

Look just to the right of the car, and you'll see a gopher:
(click for biggy view... this and all other photos.)

IMG_1546.JPG IMG_1547.JPG IMG_1548.JPG IMG_1549.JPG IMG_1553.JPG IMG_1566.JPG IMG_1567.JPG IMG_1568.JPG IMG_1571.JPG IMG_1572.JPG

For more of my adventures on Friday and Saturday, click here. Please do... there's some really funny signs from the Owl's Nest bookstore that I didn't want to double post... especially since all these photos are filling up my flickr account.

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Scattered Gemini said...

I love the flowers in that flagstone walkway. Very different.