Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yet Another Benefit To Living Alone

Yet another benefit to living alone: the ability to snack on chives without anyone complaining about your breath.

Mmmm! Window chives!

Note to self: Brush teeth many times before dinner with mom tomorrow.


Miller Mommy said...

what kind? garlic chives? onion chives? And did you use regular potting mix or something else? I wish I had that problem (with the breath, that is)...I grew a pot of chives and am very disappointed at the complete lack of any discernible flavor.

noricum said...

We had always just called them plain, old "chives", and then my mom got some garlic chives for the garden too. So I guess these would be onion chives, since they're not garlic chives. They have skinny, round-cross-section leaves, and purple flowers. (My mom's garlic chives have flat-cross-section leaves... more like linguine than spaghetti.. and white flowers.)