Monday, July 26, 2010

Bike Ride

Today I rode over to Kildonan Park, over Chief Peguis Trail, scouted the best routes to Kildonan drive, and then finished off down Brazier. (Without stopping at Sub Zero, wah!)

Bike seat holes before ride:
and after ride:
Poor bike seat. When I stopped in B&B to get some chain grease, the guy said that some people sew their own seat cover. I may try that. I certainly have enough random scraps of fabric from various people.

Paper towels after wiping bike chain:
I wonder what makes it so black? Ground metal? Red River gumbo? The oil didn't start out black...

Also entertaining, I rode faster than the Paddlewheel Queen. As I was exiting St John's Park, it was a bit ahead of me:
but I was a bit ahead of it by Kildonan Park. I had to wait a few seconds to take this next photo:
Not only did I get there first, but I had to travel some distance perpendicular to the river. (Not that a paddlewheel river boat necessarily travels terribly fast...)

As you may have noticed from the photos, it was a gloriously sunny day. Rather hot too. I finished my water about two thirds of the way through my trip. (It was rather hot by then, too.) I think I may need to take two water bottles, and start off with some ice in the bottle.


Sara said...

You are the most ingenious person I know. I bet you will be whipping out a new bike seat in no time! :-)

noricum said...

Mom e-mailed me this morning to say she fixed it... I suspect she moved the gel seat cover from my old bike to my new one. ;)

Prairie Chicken... said...

nice pics of the paddlewheel!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. A gel seat cover sounds good. Is it as comfy as it sounds?


noricum said...

PC: Thanks!

H: I'll let you know. :) I've heard that it doesn't support your sit bones as well, and so the squishy bits get squished more. (I didn't use the old bike much, or recently, so I don't remember.)

prairiegirl said...

I actually cringed when I saw your bike seat. That must have hurt! Love the pictures of the park and the paddlewheel! I hope you had loads of water with you for your ride! Monday was such a hot, humid day! It was all I could do to haul myself from the office to the end of the parking lot to the truck and turn on the A/C.

noricum said...

I actually went for the bike ride on Sunday... but posted after midnight. ;) There was NO way I was riding on Monday! It was *CRAZY* hot!!!

The holes on the bike seat are just in the fabric and tiny bit of padding, so it's not something that hurts at all. I think the seat isn't quite wide enough for me, though, because I end up mashing all the soft bits. :P