Thursday, July 01, 2010

"Low Mosquito Count" My A$$

There was an e-mail that they've temporarily stopped fogging due to low trap counts... well, I think I just fed the next boom. I really could have used an official mosquito swatter out there while I gardened.

Parts of the garden were fairly easy to weed: the parts that get sun, and hadn't been stepped on when the caretaker pruned the shrubs. The parts the caretaker had stood on were like *cement*, and the parts that were heavily shaded were like wet clay. (Probably because they were.)

I didn't do much weeding in the heavily shaded area, but it wasn't too bad anyway... probably because the day lilies shaded out the weeds too. The other parts of the area I dug I did weed, and I put my seedlings in the sunnier portion. I planted the dead-looking ones too, on the off chance they recover. (And even if they don't, the dirt is good, and will help the garden.)

Before and after shots:
IMG_3355 IMG_3359

IMG_3354 IMG_3356
(Click through for biggy view.)

I realize that hot, humid days aren't the best for planting seedlings... but it's not like I've had much choice.

Heard on the radio a few minutes ago: "...but the humidity makes it feel more like 38" C.

I was hot, sweaty, and covered with mud and mosquito bites by the time I did this half, so work on the other side will have to wait. I came in, had a cold shower, and slathered myself with calamine lotion. I had been thinking of going for a bike ride, since it was sunny... but I think I'll sit in my air-conditioned apartment and pretend that the "great outdoors" doesn't exist for a while.

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