Saturday, July 03, 2010


Whine. Whine. Whine.

It is *hot* out. It is *hot* in the apartment hallways. (So I probably wouldn't want to lug laundry up and down the stairs even if I could do it right now.) I want to my laundry *now*, not wait around for the water to clear up.

I went outside to check on the seedlings I planted, and now I have mosquitoes in my apartment. (I'm assuming they followed me in, since I didn't notice them before I went out.) I have three fresh mosquito bites from that brief trip outside, and those that followed me in.

I called my dad, to see if I could go over to water the plants, and persuade him to drive me over to Princess Auto to buy a respirator (I want something for when I continue my attack on the linoleum floors), but he wasn't home, and didn't answer his cell either. (He probably went away for the long weekend.)

I'm feeling cooped up and restless. The humidex is still *hot* and there's a tornado watch... so probably not the best time to go for a bike ride, even if I wasn't trying to ration my clean clothes until I can do laundry again. (Hopefully the water will clear later tonight or tomorrow, but tomorrow is so full that I'll have to do my laundry after the official "stop doing laundry" time... my downstairs neighbour, the only one adjacent to the laundry room, is fine with that, but I haven't told my caretaker that he said that, and I'd rather not "get in trouble".)


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