Thursday, July 01, 2010

Windows vs AC

Open windows, or turn on the AC? It's always a complicated decision.

Lately it's been humid out, even if it's not that hot, and so I had the AC on for quite a while. One morning I woke up to a strange smell in my bedroom, coming from the apartment below. (It was a sort of "toasted" smell... I have no clue what it was.) On the off chance that it was drugs, I switched to opening the windows. Since it wasn't that humid out, I left the windows open that day and night. The next morning I woke up all stuffed up from pollen allergies. I went back to closed windows with the AC on.

Yesterday I had the AC on, but it was cool enough at night that I turned it off, and left the windows shut overnight.

This morning, I was trying to decide if I should turn the AC back on, or go with open windows. Just as I was thinking about it, the news came on, and said the high for today is 30 C. I decided that AC was the way to go. As I was sitting in my office, reading blogs... perfume (cologne?) started coming up from below. *sigh* AC off, windows open. Now I'm sniffling from the pollen instead of the perfume, and it's incredibly humid from the rain last night. Gah!!!

I think I'll have breakfast (I slept late... why am I so tired? I had a nap last night too!), weed the garden, plant the half-dead seedlings, and *then* switch back to AC.

In other news, I got to listen to some drama from next door last night around 1 am. (I went to the window to make sure it wasn't the type of domestic dispute that required calling the cops... I could hear yelling, and someone very definitely upset.)

You know the young couple from next door? The one with the rowdy drinking/smoking/pot friends? Well, the woman was outside, all upset, and her younger brother and mother were trying to comfort her. Sounds like there's trouble in paradise. The young mom thinks the young dad (who had left to go out) doesn't love her, and needs to sleep with other women (although she clearly doesn't want that). She's upset that he leaves for several hours each day, and is "hardly ever around". The brother was trying the argument that because he stuck around at all meant that he loved her... and how he would feel if he had gotten someone pregnant at 17. (I thought they looked rather young to have a kid!)

Around this point I decided that calling the cops wasn't needed, and did my best to ignore the ruckus. I did notice that they managed to get themselves locked out (the mom mom had put the floor mat in the door to hold it open, but someone else came home and moved the mat), but they were able to get back in by taking the screen out of the window and crawling in that way. (Classy.)

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