Friday, July 02, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle

Today is hot and humid. I sat around my air conditioned apartment for a bit, trying to decide if it was too hot for a bike ride. The forecast said one temperature, my outdoor thermostat said another (hotter), and the weather people were bleating about humidex heat warnings. (Weather-wise, heat is the second killer in Canada... I suspect that cold is the first.) However, I've lived through NC heatwaves. I decided to bike down to the local bike shop to get a bike pump, and use that as a weather test.

In addition to a pump (with pressure gauge), I also bought fenders (I'm not a fan of stripes):
and I joined the cool kids with the gloves:
IMG_3368 IMG_3369
Now, if only I were skinnier, I bet I'd look like a real bike rider. ;)

After dropping off the bike pump at the house, I decided to ride over to Kildonan Park and back... I had water, and I've dealt with worse heat and humidity. (The humidex is 40 C... in NC, it's 40 C *before* the humidity!)

On the way over the bridge, I had to pass a couple of teens that look like they might be gang members. I got close, slowed down, then said "excuse me please". As I passed, one of them said, I *think*, "nice bum". Uh, what? By his standards, I should be the frumpy old lady. Perhaps he hasn't figured out the sarcastic tone yet? Unless he said "nice bike", and I heard wrong? Weird.

A bike lady (also wearing gloves) gave me a thumbs-up in the park. Yep, I'm part of the cool crowd. ;)

My bike goes *fast*. :) The route through to the park and back is mostly shaded, too. (If I had continued to the route over the Chief Peguis Bridge, I would have had quite a ways on hot, sunny concrete, so I didn't do that today.)

After I returned, I stopped in at mom and B's briefly to return the garage key and say hi. They both commented on my hot, sweaty appearance. Oh... and I come by my class honestly:
Mom: "You have a sweaty butt-crack. Want to know how I know?"
I knew, but didn't respond. B fell for the trap, though.
B: "How do you know?"
I turned so he could see. Sorry, B.
Anyone have a good method to reduce sweat? I *hate* being all sweaty, but I'm a sweaty person. *sigh* All it takes is some heat, exercise, or washing dishes. Ew. (That's one of the reasons I hate washing dishes. The other is the sore feet and back/neck.)

I'm calling this shot:
"Chain Grease with Calamine Lotion". Yep... classy.

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