Saturday, July 03, 2010

Just One More...

These things are addictive when I'm on a roll.

I had the pink one as emergency knitting at work, but it was languishing. I wanted to finish it so that I could start a blue one, and so it and the blue ball of yarn rattled around my backpack a bit. On Wednesday, when it came time to pack for home, I put the pink one in my backpack, but left the blue ball behind... after all, I hadn't touched it at home the past several times, and why lug more around than necessary?

Well, it looks like I hit my stride. Wednesday night, I wanted something relatively brainless (which this is, when I'm in the groove), but softer than the hand towel. When I finished the pink one, I wasn't ready to stop... and discovered that the blue ball wasn't in my backpack! No problem, I have other colours of Rowan Calmer at home.

I'm starting to wonder if, somehow, I think that by knitting enough white ones, the blue ball will become available? (You know, like how you knit faster when you're worried you'll run out of yarn?)

If nothing else, I'm getting a nice stash of future baby presents... for girls and unknown genders. ;) (Rowan Calmer makes fantastic baby washcloths with this pattern. I already had one pale pink one done and tucked away for future giving before these latest ones.)


1. I still need to do the last bit of weaving in of loose ends on the white one.

2. For the cloth-in-progress, I switched from just "turn" to "wrap-and-turn", with wrapped stitches picked up and knit with the stitches they're wrapping. I think this version looks better, and have made a note on my copy of the pattern to continue doing this.

3. While knitting the pink cloth, I found a break in the yarn. While re-winding the remaining yarn (enough to make one more cloth), I discovered a knot. Grrr.

4. I can get three cloths from one ball of Rowan Calmer.

5. Besides these two colours and the pale blue, I also have beige and coral. (I bought one of each colour I could find in the clearance shelves, except black. I wish my LYS hadn't stopped stocking Rowan Calmer!)


Sara said...

I love them! What's the pattern?

noricum said...

The pattern is here:
but it has the wrong photo.

My modifications:
1. I do a provisional cast on, and on the last wedge, I graft instead of the knit stitches on row 26.
2. Row 18, I leave out one knit stitch:
K2, yo, K3, yo, skpo, K2, yo, skpo, turn.
3. As mentioned in the post, I've now switched to wrap & turn, and pick up and knit the wrapped stitches with the knits on row 26.
4. When using Rowan Calmer, I use US 5 / 3.75 mm needles.

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing the pattern! My aunt was just asking for some dishcloths and i know she'll love that pretty design.

noricum said...