Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Note: This post is so I can vent in a way that doesn't involve yelling at actual people. If you aren't in the mood to read a venting rant, feel free to ignore this post.

Aaaaargh! I *still* don't have my benefits straightened out! It's been over a month now that I've been calling them. (I started calling June 14, when my dentist notified me that my coverage has been cancelled.)

I have claims from this spring I want to submit. I can't submit them until they get my benefits retroactively reinstated. (They were fine in the fall when I had my previous dentist appointment. I was slow submitting my spring claims due to a crazy-busy schedule last term.)

The question isn't whether I'm eligible, but whether to call me a sessional or casual employee. (Some of my jobs are in one category, some are in the other.) My total hours clearly give me benefits, and the benefits don't even differ in cost or what I get! The only differences are that one has the year starting in September instead of July, and one front-loads the payments so that benefits continue over the summer when you may or may not be working.

In either case, I would have paid all my benefits by now, so just flipping bill me for whatever I haven't been charged yet, and let me submit my claims!!! Figure out the rest later! I don't *care* which you call me. Sheesh. Grumble.

I politely asked them to expedite my case, since they've dithering for over five weeks now. (Apparently, part of the problem is that they keep going on vacation. Given the current financial state of the university, they are probably somewhat understaffed too.)

I would *not* have paid ~$500 for a decent pair of glasses (including eye exam, frames, lenses), if I had known that I wouldn't be able to claim at least part of it. Pharmacare has decided my income level means I need to pay around $1000 before they start helping me with my prescriptions again. I WOULD LIKE TO SUBMIT A CLAIM OR TWO, IF YOU PLEASE!!!!

Gah. Ms "We're Working On It" promised me an e-mail by the end of the day. Probably because I asked if I could have her supervisor's information, so I could find out what is going on. Last time she told me that her supervisor is looking at the case, which is why I asked for the information... but she perhaps thought I wanted to complain about her. If it gets things moving, I'm not going to enlighten her as to why I wanted the information. She did offer to have her supervisor call me when she gets out of her meeting... but I'm in an office with no phone.

Grump. Whine.

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