Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jean Quilt

I love how my scrappy jean quilt gets better with every random patch! I sewed on three new patches today (over the worst holes), but it currently could probably do with a dozen or more small patches. ;)

Current state of the jean quilt:
(You can see one of today's patches: it's the dark blue patch in the upper left.)

Patches ready for sewing:
These are scraps left over from hemming my dad's pants. I ripped the seams today, and then ironed them flat to make them easier to handle. (The patches I sewed on today were kind of curly where the seams had been.) I expect I'll apply at least some of these next weekend.

While I was sewing anyway, and the thread happened to match, I whipped up two more gift bags out of recycled skirt lining. I still have more lining to make into bags, but didn't feel like switching to the matching thread at the time. ;)

Accomplishments today:
1. Washed the majority of my dishes. (I'll get the rest tomorrow.)
2. Baked "Grandma's Chocolate Cobbler". (Yum!) I messed up the recipe a bit, but it turned out great anyway. (I ran short of white sugar, and then didn't read the quantity of sugar for the second part properly. I ended up adding more than enough brown sugar to compensate for the missing white sugar. Turns out too much sugar isn't a problem in this recipe!)
3. Prepared patches for my jean quilt.
4. Sewed three patches on my jean quilt.
5. Sewed two gift bags.
6. Did laundry.
7. Finished another baby wash cloth. (I'm getting quite a stack now!)


Sara said...

That is super cool!

noricum said...

Thanks! :)