Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Win?

Sometimes it's really hard to make the correct choice for the environment. For example:
Looks good, right? It's made from recycled paper (a large portion is post-consumer), and there's even a message on the front of the packaging along the lines of how you're thinking. Turn it over, though:
...and you discover that it's made in France, and assembled and packaged in China.

1. How can it possibly be economical to manufacture something in France, assemble and package in China, and then sell in Canada? (Aren't these assembled and packaged by machine anyway? How can the machines be cheaper in China, unless it's because they don't have to follow as many safety and environmental regulations there?)

2. Which is better for the environment? Buying the non-recycled content post-its that are made in the USA (another option I had), or the recycled content ones that have made a round-the-world trip before you buy them? Which uses less oil and other non-renewable resources? Is it better to consume non-renewable resources to reduce trash and save trees?


(Unless someone has a better suggestion, I think next time I'll go the tree-killing method... assuming it's still an option to buy relatively locally the next time I'm running low on post-its.)

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