Saturday, July 17, 2010


Wow, there sure is a lot of lightning and thunder today! I've switched to battery power on my laptop, just to be on the safe side. (The lights are flickering with some of the shots.)

I can see blue sky to the south, and dark angry clouds to the north. The rain is pounding down at the moment. (It's been coming and going... I'm guessing I'm on the edge of the storm.)

I could have gone bike riding yesterday, but I was a complete zombie. I slept until around 2 pm, and was in a haze the rest of the day... half of which was spent at the computer, the other half watching TV. Besides answering some work e-mails, I accomplished *nothing* yesterday! (Although I did find a *really* cute house on MLS. Not that that's an accomplishment, but it's nice seeing that they are still available in a price range I would consider, once I have a better income.) I've been quite tired lately... I'm wondering if it's related to the ibuprofen my doctor told me to take for two weeks? I guess I'll find out in a week when I stop taking it.

Today: dishes, laundry (at a minimum), and hopefully getting some other to-do items crossed of my list. I wish I could have gone bike riding today, though. (I wish I had gotten myself moving and gone yesterday!)


Nicole MacDonald said...

Ooo so wanting thunder and lightening. We didn't get any good storms here last season

noricum said...

We had more than enough to share today, but I have no idea how to collect and ship it to you. ;)