Friday, July 09, 2010

B L tas-T

I had some tomatoes that were showing their age, some lettuce I had been ignoring, and some French bread languishing in the freezer. So, on the way home, I picked up some bacon. The bacon went in one skillet, and I toasted the bread in my grill pan.
Mmmmm! Was it ever good!

Can you really fault me for having a second?
Besides, I had to finish off the tomatoes I had sliced.

I fried up the rest of the bacon and put it in the freezer, so I only have clean up all the grease once. When it's time for the next BLT (lunch tomorrow?), I'll crisp it up in the microwave. (That's what Subway does, after all.)

Tonight's dinner was probably a bit high in saturated fat, salt and chemicals (from the bacon), but hopefully the veggies counterbalance that.

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