Monday, July 05, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake

You know, I think I came back to work today with just as much of a washcloth on the needles as when I left... but then, I didn't really want those partial balls sitting around anyway.


Heather said...

they do look yummy stacked that way.

Prairie Chicken... said...

cmon! when are you gonna trade with me?? make me dish cloths! I'll stitch you a tea towel (or pillow case).

Nicole MacDonald said...

awwww I thought food was involved from the blog title!! Guess those are pretty though ;p

noricum said...

Okay, it's a trade. :) (Dishcloths take less time than socks.) These are facecloths... do you want a facecloth or a dishcloth? If a dishcloth, what's your favourite colour? (I've got tons of dishcloth cotton, so I bet I have the right colour. I'll do this same pattern.)

My favourite of your designs is the "nevermore raven". :)

(Sorry about the delay... blogger comments seem a bit buggy at the moment.)

Prairie Chicken... said...

actually.. you know what I really need?
A red (or black) doily. I'll stitch you a white pillowcase with a nevermore and raven in exchange?

junglejulie at shaw dot ca

noricum said...

I've spent the day thinking about it... but, honestly? There's something about crocheting doilies that drives me stark raving bonkers. If you go to thrift shops, though, you can buy really beautiful handmade doilies for between 25 cents and $2. (My heart breaks when I see them there.) Wash and block them, and they're good as new.