Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Good News Story

I've been hearing so many horrible things in the news, that it was a relief to hear a good news story on The Bottom Line. (Thank you, David Suzuki, for giving hope along with the bad facts.)
Self-described 'radical' farmer Joel Salatin shares his ideas on how to revolutionize the global food system.
I googled the name, and came up with this website about his farm. Happy cows, happy chickens, etc, all being rotated around a small parcel of land in a way that makes use of nature. Cows eat perennial grasses. When the section they're eating gets mowed, they get moved onto the next section. Three days later, the chickens are sent in to eat the maggots that are living in the cow patties, before they can hatch into flies and cause a fly problem. The chickens scatter the cow patties, helping to fertilize the grasses. A couple of weeks later, the cows are back in that chunk of lush field, and the circle of life continues.

On The Main Ingredient, an interview with someone developing a way to grow veggies and fish in the same tank... in a "back yard" sort of way.

Happy thoughts!


jess said...

You may be interested in reading The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan -- it highlights Polyface Farm (and maybe the library has it?). It's worth a read (though it is US-based details about government and mass farming and the like).

I visited Polyface a while back (when I was living in VA), pretty cool. A bunch of the farms we get food from here are petty good about rotation and the rest.

noricum said...

Cool, I'll check that out. :)