Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Found On Flickr

Carved Moose Antler and Chechen Top Whorl Drop Spindle

*drool*... this is *so* pretty. I found his shop, but he doesn't ship the antler ones outside of the USA. *pout*


Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

Thanks so much for including my spindle on your blog! I really appreciate the post :)

Paulina said...

Gah, my first attempt at this comment failed as apparently openID verification isn't working for some reason.

Anyway, what I said was that if you REALLY want this, you could always have it shipped to someone you know in the US, who could then re-ship it to you. It's not like you know ANYONE in the US, you know? ;)

noricum said...

GMA: Your welcome! I've been admiring your work for quite a while now. :)

Paulina: I must admit, on occasion I have those thoughts! ;) Sorry you had problems with the comment form. :( (I hate it when that happens... both when I'm leaving a comment, and when I should be getting them! Of course, I don't generally know about the latter.)