Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hot/Cold Pack

I have a large hot/cold pack, but I wanted something smaller for icing my plantar fasciitis. So I bought some flax (and ran short, and bought some more), cut up a holey t-shirt, and made one. I sewed a rectangle, then added some dividers to prevent the flax from falling away from the part I wanted iced. I found that the dividers were thin places that ended up where I was trying to ice. So I sewed neighbouring channels together on each side of the bag, essentially creating a box construction. (This last bit was done by hand, and so took a while.)
I put it in the freezer last night, and tested it out this morning. It is *wonderful*!!! I highly recommend flax and t-shirt material for cold packs! Together they provide great contact and lovely squooshiness. It only cost me $5 too... although, had I bought all the flax at Superstore, rather than buying additional flax at Safeway, it only would have cost $3... the flax at Safeway is twice the price. :P

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Darren Steven Schilling said...

I had no idea this was possible. Awesome!