Friday, July 23, 2010

Ahhhh, Glorious Shower!

I straggled upright earlier than usual this morning in order to join my family on a bike ride. I didn't bother showering first, since I knew I was going to get sweaty. (Boy, was I *gross* by the time I got back!)

We rode around 26 km... we went to the BDI for ice cream, and returned via Whittier Park. We weren't going very fast, so it took us several hours.

Although it was gloriously sunny, it had rained heavily last night. Did you know it's possible to get so much Red River gumbo on your bike that it's no longer possible to pedal? (And then you have to walk out of the mud patch!) The patch looked damp, but it didn't *look* like a mud trap! It took a few minutes to scrape the goop off enough to ride. (I should have taken a photo, but I didn't think of it.) When I got home, I hosed down my bike. (I was going to use a bucket and a rag, but mom insisted the hose was fine.) It's nice and clean again. :)

I need to remember to get some chain grease.

The holes in my bike seat are getting bigger.

My... um... "bottom" was well tenderized by the time we got home. I wonder if bike shorts would help with the holes and tenderization? (Do they make bike shorts for fat people?)

I think I'll have a bit of a nap before tackling the mounting pile of dishes...


Prairie Chicken... said...


I totally thought exactly the same thing "do they make bike shorts for fat people" about my own predicament.

noricum said...

It's like they think that everyone who exercises is skinny. What about us folks who are exercising in order to get fit, and hopefully lose some pounds while we're at it? (Skinny != fit, and I know some very fit, technically "obese" by BMI people.)

jess said...

I have lots of padded bike shorts for my rather large thighs and behind. Good brands are Terry and Mt Borah. They are pricey but worth it!

noricum said...

Thanks for the tips! :)