Monday, February 05, 2007


I've been pretty good about not spending more money on yarn when I have great stuff in my stash, but I broke down and bought a bit this weekend:
The first stuff I bought at Michaels... they SWS with a 40% off coupon (I'll keep going back when I'm in the area and have coupons to get the rest of what I'll need for the project -- a toque), and the blue kitchen cotton was an impulse purchase, but at least an inexpensive one. I did make it out of Michaels without any other impulse purchases, which is impressive. ;)

The second photo is yarn I got at Leona's... a yarn shop in Winnipeg that I hadn't been to before. Let's see... (1) small business, (2) second-last yarn shop left in Winnipeg (besides Walmart/Michaels types), (3) on sale, and (4) I know what I'm making with it. It doesn't count if I cast on right away, right?
Start of a MDK pattern
I've actually got it done except for the seaming, but it's a present for someone who reads my blog, so you'll have to wait. I figure it's pretty unidentifiable in this photo.


Paulina said...

Well, it's certainly unidentifiable by me, at any rate.'s a square "doily" like the one I made when I visited you in NC? ;)

Did I get it right?! Huh? Huh? (I didn't think so.)

noricum said...

Nope, not a doily. ;)

Heather said...

Oh, is that the new rule? It doesn't count if you cast on right away?

Well I am holding off anyway. I am just not going to visit any yarn shops at all...

Plus I just sent off a check for a very large purchase. I will post soon...