Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Exercise Machine

H isn't feeling well, and I didn't feel like being alone today, so I'm working from home. Since I'm at home anyway, I gave Nicky an extra walk this morning. I used the shorter leather leash and worked on getting him to not pull. He did pretty good for most of the walk, but then started pulling after about 50 minutes when another big dog was being walked. (I didn't let him get close, because they didn't do well together the other day.) He didn't want to listen any more, so I took him home. I'll give him another walk this afternoon.

I weighed myself this morning, and I'm definitely not losing weight. Bummer. *sigh*

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Wendy said...

I diet and exercise and then if I don't notice a change, I get frustrated and find it easy to slip up and go off my diet.

I use to have a black lab. I saved her from the pound when she was 6 months old. She was crazy, jumped and ran and was a nutcase. I trained her with those miniature milk bones.

Every time the dog did something good I gave her a piece of the milk bone, I could break the miniatures in half. When she pulled when walking with a leash, I would give a sharp jerk back and then let the leash go slack, at the same time I would give out the command, HEAL.

When she did do Heal, I would give her a piece of the milk bone. After awhile, I could say heal without jerking the leash.

I would go to an empty soccer field by my house and let her off the leash and practice calling her and using the milk bones for incentive to come. I would make her sit, then give her a bone. I would make her lay down, roll over, etc.

Eventually, I had her so trained that she would balance the pieces of milk bones on her nose until I gave her the command that let her flip them in the air into her mouth.

You are lucky to be able to have a companion like Nicky. I miss my dog. She passed away a few years ago from an auto-immune disease. She was 11 1/2. I think the key to training a dog is being consistent, oh and treats are good, too. :)