Monday, February 26, 2007

Destash Dilemma

A friend gave me one and a partial balls of Rowan handknit dk cotton. I'm guessing the partial ball was about 2/3 to 3/4... right now an accurate scale would *so* come in handy. It's *soooo* soft (much softer than the cheap kitchen cotton), and would make an absolutely adorable baby kimono for the friend who doesn't read my blog. However, when I started the kimono, the partial ball only made it to the armpits from the back hem. That means I have the top of the back, two sleeves, and two fronts. One ball isn't going to do that much. I checked with Ram Wools, and they have a limited supply of Rowan handknit dk cotton for $6.75 per ball.

So... do I spend $6.75 (or more if it requires two) in order to use up someone else's leftovers? Or do I make another bib, which isn't as cute?


jess said...

what color? you could see if someone out here in blogland has an extra ball or two s/he is willing to destash (I am trying to remember if I do or not! I can't remember. Must update yarn inventory).

Or do you have anything else of similar gauge and care that you could use along with the handknit cotton?

Knittah said...

I say buy the extra skein and make the kimono. $6.95 for a baby present is a good deal!

Wendy said...

I agree with knittah! Buy the skein. if you have any leftover you can make a matching bib, too.

noricum said...

The colour is #253, "tope" (shouldn't that be taupe?), but I was thinking that a colour that goes well with taupe (which should be most, given that taupe is a neutral) might be fun... having one colour on one side of the front panel and sleeve and taupe on the other. (Since I know I'm not going to find the same dyelot.)

I think I'll continue knitting the kimono with the full ball, and see how far I get. I'll keep you posted. :)