Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chlorine 2, Mildew 1, Lungs 0

Grr. That wasn't supposed to be the score. I tried cleaning the shower today to get rid of the mildew.

Down in the US, the "mildew killing" shower cleaners kill most of the mildew and my lungs.

Here, the "mildew killing" shower cleaner doesn't kill my lungs but it doesn't touch the mildew either.

Today I mixed a water-bleach solution to wash the shower walls with. It got some of the mildew, but mostly my lungs. Blech!

When I have a real income, I'll definitely be hiring someone to do my cleaning!


omly said...

I definately hear you about the mildew. I haven't found any product I am happy with that doesn't either kill my lungs or was effective enough. Fortunately my SO is willing to tackle that task, so I defer that job to him.

Pam said...

Ick, I had the same problem. Is the mildew in the shower or on the bathroom walls? If it is in the shower, you may want to spay on the bleach/water solution and walk away for about 1/2 hour (don't forget to turn the fan on) and then scrub the mildew well with a brush and soapy water. Leaving it on for only 10 minutes like most cleaners suggest doesn't cut it. Keep on doing that until it's all gone. To keep the mildew under control just wipe down the shower everytime you lather up. I use an old face cloth but you can also use a small squeegee from the dollar store. I haven't had to clean any mildew or soap scum for 7 month. Yippee!

noricum said...

I normally (well, used to) spray then walk away, but I have a different set-up in my mom's house. Well, first of all I wasn't spraying, I was wiping on with a cloth. Second, I pretty much have to stand in the shower enclosure in order to reach everything, at which point I have bleach-water all over my feet, as well as running down my arm holding the cloth. So if I leave the shower before rinsing, then I end up getting bleach all over the bathmat and other stuff.

I used to squeegee this shower, but there's a problem with one of the walls such that if you apply pressure, the caulking at the bottom comes undone and then you get leaks that wreak the walls.

At least there isn't much mildew... Winnipeg is dry enough that the shower dries before much can grow. I just wanted to deal with what was there before it got too nasty.

Tara said...

Did you buy tickets for that million dollars a year? I think the draw is on Wednesday. If I win, I will send you someone to clean your shower. No, wait. I'll send you a new shower.

noricum said...

Naw, I figure I'll be ahead by putting that $1 (or however much it is) in savings, and reaping the meager interest. ;)

However, if you do win, I'll appreciate a new shower! ;)