Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Winter Wonderland, etc

The world is white outside. There is a blizzard warning (so I've heard), and the snow is falling. I like fresh snow.

I was able to walk Nicky yesterday, and went out for a bit longer than an hour. Most of the time I listened to Quirks and Quarks on my iPod, but one lap I walked with a neighbour and his dog, Charlie. Charlie is a little black dog, and walks quite a bit slower than Nicky. Nicky would have preferred walking faster, but he and Charlie got along fine. At one point during the walk I accidentally dropped the leash when Nicky pulled. He was good and came back to me when I called. He is a good dog, just very energetic.

Part of the reason I dropped the leash is because I had gone to the gym and did weights at lunch... I focussed on the upper body, and my arms were tired. However, going to the gym felt good. I went with L, another lady in the department. H couldn't come because she had some assistant department head stuff to attend to. (She's taking over the position this term while the actual assistant department head is on sabbatical.)

My meeting with my advisor went well on Monday, although, due to Skype being stupid, happened an hour or two late.

I have been really sad the past few days, but am feeling somewhat better today.

I have a doctor appointment this afternoon. I need to figure out why I'm more tired than I should be, and will also ask about a recommendation for a therapist to work on my procrastination issues.

Dad wants me to call the neighbours about Nicky barking, and ask if they notice it. He wants to put him in a kennel before they officially complain. I think I"ll miss my walks with Nicky. He's good exercise.

This weekend I took my exercise bike over to my friend's house and set it up. She had been thinking of getting something, and I happened to have the bike I can't use right now. (There is *no* space that would not either irritate my folks, or prevent me from being able to get around in my room.) It had been in the garage, and I was a bit worried about it staying dry when the snow melts in the spring... apparently the snow melt runs across the garage floor. Don't you just love a win-win situation like this? I have a place to store it, and she gets something she can use for free. Even better, she's offering me some reflexology sessions, and I'm not going to refuse! ;)

I started the sleeves for Durrow last night at SNB. It's about time!

And that reminds me... my swift arrived last Friday! I'll try to remember to take a photo tonight to post to the blog. With the swift I was able to easily wind another skein of the yarn for Durrow, which I had been lazy about. (The yarn is kind of velcro-sticky, and thus annoying to wind without a swift.)

Someone had asked me if I could teach her to knit, so I suggested she come to SNB last night. Although she sounded interested, she didn't come. I'm not sure if something came up, she forgot, or if the snow kept her home. Oh well.

I'm sorry I haven't posted the contest winners yet. I'll try to do that today.


Deneen said...

I noticed you seemed so down lately-could it be winter in general (amongst a ton of other things). Winter always makes me a bit depressed-the whole cold weather thing gets to me.

I hope it all works out for you. Hugs Andrea

Knittah said...

hug hug and another hug

Vik said...

Hi Andrea! I´m trying to read all I missed last month during Summer holidays! First of all, Happy Belated Birthday! What a beautiful amarylis you have!