Monday, February 05, 2007


I wanted my clapotis finished this weekend, to assuage guilt at starting yet another project. ;) I decided to go for the green. Here's the offending corner before I dropped the stitches:
Clapotis Corner

I tried it on:
And decided to block it... I didn't like the way the corners were curling.

My, it sure looks a lot bigger while blocking!
Clapotis Blocking

Here's that corner again, this time wet and with the stitches dropped:
Clapotis Corner

I say... it sure is nice to have this today, which is another nippy day out! I had it wrapped around my neck at first, but I've resorted to wrapping it around my head. Yes, I'm indoors, but I'm feeling kind of cold anyway.


Deneen said...

It's beautiful and I love the colors. Knitting, wish I knew how.

Bron said...

It IS beautiful - such gorgeous colors. But why are you so serious in that second pic? Are you practicing your Professor face? ::Grin::

noricum said...

I was getting kind of frustrated, trying to get the photo centered such that I could see the scarf... and then when I finally did and saw I wasn't smiling... I decided I didn't care that much. ;)