Friday, February 23, 2007


Bam! Busses sure are solid. On the way home today, as we were going through an intersection, I noticed another car was also going through the intersection... perpendicular to us. I had that stupid "why are we both going through the intersection, shouldn't one of us stop?" thought. (Well, duh!) The car ended up with a crunched nose on one side, but the bus was pretty unscathed... looking at the side of the bus, I couldn't tell if the panel was actually dented or not. Thankfully no one was hurt. It was also nice that I was only half a stop away from my transfer point, so I didn't have to worry about the nuisance of having my bus stopped before I wanted to get off.

Standing at the bus stop, I noticed quite a few car noses with dings. These modern day bumpers sure don't survive the dings caused by insufficient stopping distance on slippery streets.

If you haven't already guessed, it's been snowing, and it's kind of warm so the slop on the streets is "greasy" as B would call it.

(Warning... TMI) Nicky pooped twice on his walk today. I usually carry two bags so that I can throw the first one away after he poops, because it *stinks*. Normally he only poops once, but today he pooped twice. So I got the joy of carrying around a bag full of stinky poop. From now on I'm stocking my pockets with three plastic bags.

Owie: my hip and knees are killing me. I think it's because of the weather. Hmmm... I also quit my antihistamines recently, so if it *is* allergy induced as my mom suspects, that could also be a reason. (My mom has been trying to convince me to try going off wheat, but I like my bread and pasta too much. Plus I'm allergic to many of the usual substitutes too.) I should keep track of this and take note if they keep bothering me after the snowy weather leaves.

Speaking of allergies, I can certainly tell which balls of scrap sock yarn came from households with cats! They affected me even before I went off my antihistamines. I've just been bearing it... hopefully I can wash all the cat dander out once the blanket is finished.


jess said...

the cat thing is why I am not sending you any of the yarn I initially set aside for you! My cat managed to open the box it was in and curl up in it! sheesh. I was pretty cranky at her about that.

I always carry way too many bags on walks with the dogs. Especially if I'm on a run with Ging -- it's no fun at all to have to run holding both a leash and a bag of poo. :/

brown rice pasta is really good. No gluten.

noricum said...

*pout* ...well, thanks for thinking of me anyway. (Dang cat allergies!)